Windows 8.1



Windows your way

Now it’s even easier to personalize your system with Windows 8.1. Set the lock screen to your favorite photo, or turn the lock screen display into a slideshow of your pictures. Pin tiles to your Start screen for quick access to the people, sites, and apps that matter to you, and arrange them the way you want.

Easy connectivity

Open up a whole world of options and experiences so you can connect instantly. Sign in to any of your PCs running Windows 8.1 with your Microsoft account and you’ll see your own background, display preferences and settings right away. Your Microsoft account is the email address and password that you use to sign in to, Xbox, Windows Phone, or other Microsoft products.


Versatile navigation

Windows 8.1 is perfect for PCs with a mouse and keyboard. But if you’ve chosen a system with 10-finger capacitive touch, Windows 8.1 ensures maximum performance as you tap,  swipe, pinch and stretch your way around the
web with a multi-touch display with impressive responsiveness.


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