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Refund and Returns Policy

About our Activation codes & Gift cards

All of our products activation codes & gift cards are genuine, licensed keys from authorized manufacturers.  Each one is unique and unused.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your PayPal order before your order has been sent, please contact us immediately and we will refund you in full without delay, but after the order has been sent, we can not refund or exchange.

For your convenience, you can browse to the product page and browse the products, check carefully before ordering the product.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our product, once the digital item has been sent, we cannot issue a refund or exchange them. therefore, Please check and see the product description before buying it.

If your PayPal order has been charged but the order has not been sent, we can refund but we will keep a $1 administration fee due to the fees we must pay in order to refund you.

Pre-orders: Refunds are only processed on the day following the release date of the game. A £1 administration fee will apply unless the refund is taken as Store Credit.

We hope our customers can understand that when a digital item has been shipped, it can be activated online and therefore we cannot accept a return as it is not possible for us to resell that item.

Returns Policy

If, in the unlikely event you receive an activation code or gift card that does not work, simply make a ticket at our SUPPORT CENTER and we will check the key for you.  In all cases, a code that does not allow you to activate your product will be an error in transmission, for example, a spelling error in the code.  So please simply write to us, and we will double-check the key and re-send it.