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Free Fire Diamond allows you to purchase weapon, pet, skin and items in Store. And, you can participate in Luck Royale and Diamond Spin to obtain various unique character skins, weapon skins, weapon upgrades and even cosmetic.

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Free Fire –  Most Popular Mobile Battle Royale Game.

What Is Garena Free Fire?

Originally released in September 2017 as a beta for Android and iOS, Free Fire arrived at a time when battle royales were still relatively new. In fact, the first beta of the game was released even before PUBG had landed on PC, the latter of which launched the entire genre into mainstream appeal. This rise in popularity of battle royales, coupled with the growing interest in mobile gaming, made Free Fire one of the most downloaded titles in the Play Store, a title that they still hold today, 3 years later.

Free Fire is developed by 111 Dots Studio using Unity 3D, an engine that is popular among indie developer studios since it’s free and has a wide variety of assets readily available for downloading. The engine is also very versatile and gives plenty of features and creative freedom for those who master its intricacies.

Free Fire Game Modes

As we’ve been mentioning, Free Fire was primarily a battle royale title, though the devs have expanded the catalog since its launch to include other fun and competitive game modes. While some of these new modes have become permanent staples due to their mass appeal, others are constantly rotating in and out of the lineup, giving players some variety to break up the monotony.

Some of the game modes that have been released in Garena Free Fire across its lifetime include the following:

  1. Classic: The standard BR experience where up to 50 players get to fight each other to see who’s the best.
  2. Clash Squad: A versus game mode involving two teams of up to four players each where the objective is to defeat the enemy squad. The team who wins the most out of 7 rounds is the victor. Every kill and win earns the players cash, which they can use for purchasing weapons at the beginning of each round. This game mode is very similar to CS:GO.
  3. Rush Hour: An abridged version of the regular battle royale where only 20 players drop into a very small area. Ideal for those who want quick battle royale matches.
  4. Kill Secured: A temporary game mode that follows a team-deathmatch format where the objective is to get more kills than the enemy team. Every time a player dies, they drop a dog tag. If the enemy picks up the tag, they score extra points. However, allies can also pick up the tags to deny the enemy team the extra points.
  5. Big-Head: A fun team-deathmatch-style mode where every character has enlarged heads.

Of the modes mentioned above, the staples are Classic and Clash Squad. The others are only available on certain days, and are often replaced entirely by new game modes regularly.

It’s important to note here that both Classic and Clash Squad have ranked variants that feature an elaborate matchmaking system to pair players against others of similar skill ranks. As the player wins games, they will increase in ranking and will get matched with better players. At the end of the season, everyone will get rewarded with awesome prizes depending on their performance throughout the season. Some of these prizes include limited cosmetics, as well as items to upgrade characters, among others.

Free Fire Maps

This game originally released with one map for its battle royale mode, Bermuda. Since then, the devs have also released two new maps, Purgatory, and Kalahari. Though each of these are identical in size, they are radically different in essentially every other aspect.

  1. Bermuda

Bermuda is a tropical setting with lush grasslands, as well as several islets surrounding it. The map itself features various different locations, including factories, residential complexes, a power plant, a shipyard, hangar, and many more. This is the standard map available to everyone as soon as they download the game, which makes it one of the most popular.

  1. Purgatory

The second map to get released, featuring a vastly different layout. Purgatory is a vast expanse of land separated into three regions divided by a long forking river. The northern region is the largest, featuring the bulk of the locations in the map, while the other two are quite small and make for good venues for players to fight in during the first few minutes of the match. This map is available every day from 6 to 10 PM.

  1. Kalahari

The newest addition to the lineup of maps, consisting of a large desert with various interesting and weird locations. Kalahari is one of the most chaotic maps, featuring lots of good weapons strewn throughout its many regions. Furthermore, it has lots of places that can facilitate different play styles. From close-quarter battles using SMGs and shotguns to long-range encounters with sniper rifles, Kalahari has it all. This is one of the most popular maps alongside Bermuda.

Free Fire Gameplay

The main mode in Free Fire is its battle royale setting, in which up to 50 players descend on any of the three maps we mentioned above, and run around collecting weapons, gear, and other kinds of loot that will give them the edge against their enemies. Players can sign up either for solo, duos, or squads, which allows them to play by themselves, with a partner, or with a team of up to 4 players, respectively.

Free Fire Characters

One of the defining features of Free Fire is its cast of playable characters, most of which have their own backstories and motivations. Some of these stories even span sprawling narratives, or become the topic of entire seasons. However, the most important features of the Free Fire Characters are their skills, as each of these offer unique passives that can significantly change the way you play the game.

Download Free Fire from Apple Store for iOS devices and from Google Play Store

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